Adrizoo in a few words

chondrodactylus_angulifer6b Our breeding is declared at the cantonal veterinarian, and all our animals are kept under the strict Swiss regulations. Of course, all our animals are legal and have correct paperwork.
As almost everyone on the internet, we could say that « we’ve always been fascinated by animals since our childhood ». Which is the case.
I started keeping « exotic » animals in 1992, when I first bought a group of green anoles. The same year, some Phelsuma and Chamaeleo senegalensis followed.
Since then, and according to the space available, I have kept a lot of different species, acquiring experience with snakes, lizards, crocodilians, turtles and insects.
In 2011, when I met Sophie, she became interested in animal keeping as well. Years after years, we have built an extensive collection of lizards and turtles. We also have some pet mammals like guinea pigs and dwarf rabbits.
dsc_7307bWe are mainly interested in monitors, geckos and rare iguanas. We are also particularly attracted by Asian turtles. We are convinced that the private sector has a role to play in the conservation of some species. Zoos and wildlife reserves cannot do the job alone. Also, our hobby is very nice but can also be very destructive for Nature. It’s all our responsibility not to take part of this « pillage ». Before acquiring an animal, be sure of its provenance. It’s a nonsense to buy a cheap wild caught animal for which you know in advance that it will not thrive in captivity. Also do not buy a cheap wild caught animal when you can find a captive bred and born specimens (even if they are a bit more expensive, they are definitely a better choice!).I have a bachelor degree in agronomy and Sophie has a PhD in Evolutionary Developmental biology.